Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yard Sales at 95 Degrees

I am joining in the fun at Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures party. I love when Mondays roll around because I get to see all of the great finds!

You know you are a yardsale junkie when you will roll out of bed early on a Saturday morning and brave Mobile humidity and near 100 degree temps just to find treasures! The sales this Saturday did not let me down! My nephew Jacob went with me. At our very first stop I found this footed pink glass bowl for...wait for it.....$1.00! It looks great in my kitchen.

I've already put it to good use:

This was probably my favorite find of the day. This came from an estate sale at a sweet mid-century modern home:

We are about to re-decorate our master bedroom and needed a mirror for a small reading area that I'd like to do. This mirror was priced at $10.00. I asked if she could do any better on it and she said yes--$8.00. SOLD! I was so excited! I've priced mirrors at Hobby Lobby and even with their great 50% off sales it still would have been around $80.00 or so. It has beautiful detailing and is so heavy!

Found these great marble topped plant stands for $3.00. On one of the tables the marble has come unglued and needs to be repaired but since I have such a handy hubby this will not be a problem!

Finally, we ran into Hobby Lobby (can you tell I love me a H. L. ) and I found these iron candleholders for $6.00 each. It's hard to tell in the picture but the oval sections in the middle are mirrors. They are gorgeous and so heavy! They were originally over $30.00! They are also headed for the master bedroom.

We had a wonderful day! I found so many good deals and managed to find some items for Ebay too. God is so good! When we started the day I told Jacob that I would like to find a mirror and find one I did. It was like God said "Here Jackie, this one is for you!"

Head over to Southern Hospitality and join the party!

Flag Week and 4th of July

Since the President extended Flag Day into an entire week, I decided to go ahead and decorate my porch with some patriotic things I'd picked up over the last couple of weeks. As my neighbors will attest, I'm not always quick to take down holiday decorations--so stretching Flag Week into the Fourth of July is NOT A PROBLEM! This is how it turned out:

All of my regular blog readers (all three of you - shout out- love you guys) will probably recognize this chair from here:

I've had two cans of blue spray paint that have been sitting on my kitchen counter forever just waiting to make it onto this chair that I found at an auction. Check! This was a collaborative effort:

My two fine painters doing a wonderful job. Why are we painting in the foyer, you ask? Because it was so hot outside, even at almost 8:00 p.m., that we could not stand it! Mobile humidity.

This chair turned out so cute. Originally it was going to be solid blue. But then Jacob said..."Why don't we paint a star on the seat....then DH should have painted the two wrungs red.....and the chair was born. It turned into a nice little before and after project.

The USA hanging on the mirror was a yardsale find from a couple of years ago. The flag plaque on the far side of the door was a dollar store find, as are the stars on the right of the door and the larger blue star hanging on the outer door.

Hello Brady Bunch door. Really? Three windows? You gotta love the Seventies.

The door is one of the things on our house that I would eventually like to replace.

Jacob whipped out this arrangement after a brainstorming trip to Hobby Lobby. We couldn't really decide on a vase. He suggested the terra cotta pot and I think it turned out perfect. We found the blue sparkly things at a yardsale for .50 cents a package. I think he used two packages. Hobby Lobby had their flowers 50% off so my best guess is the arrangement cost around $20 including the flag. Not too bad. And remember, it will give me weeks, ok months of viewing pleasure.