Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Things Found While Out Thrifting

I've had exceptional thrifting luck the last couple of weeks! This thrills me to no end! However, I've also seen some pretty weird things too. Case in point:

One faux Snowbabies figurine? I can get past the resin part. I can get past the fact that it looks like the little angel is doing some kind of calisthenic that we would have done in elementary school. I cannot get past the purple face. I definitely found humor in the purple face. Because--that's how I look when I try to touch my toes! Ha ha ha!

One more quick picture from my iPhone camera roll. Now let me disclaim that, as a rule, I do not take pictures of people as they are driving down the road. I'm pretty sure a guy tried to snap a picture of my mini KFC chicken bucket that I carried around for several months on the top of my backseat. That is until I figured out what he was doing and as Jacob would say "jammed up" the brakes. He was real quick to throw his camera down as he tried to control his car. Ha ha. All that said, when i saw this guy I figured he was putting it out there for the world to see so he wouldn't mind if I showed you, right?

Yes, this is a man in lower Alabama riding around with a stuffed monkey on his motorcycle.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Introducing...Ms. Jackies Junque Two!

Introducing Ms. Jackies Junque Two or Too. I opened a second booth in a different mall! The owner and staff are great. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone. Without further delay:

Please excuse the blue streak across some of the pictures. Maybe the force is with me???

Mantique-ish baker's rack with big sailing ship and old world theme. My inspiration for this vignette came from this one simple piece:

The gorgeous linen towel that had never been used.

This booth does not have side walls so we had to be creative. Hubby made these doors free standing and they turned out great. He found the doors at the local Habitat for Humanity Restore. It's like a thrift store for building supplies.

Gorgeous quilt:

Gorgeous Battenburg lace shirt on my $5.00 mannequin. She is also rocking a P. S. Gitano denim skirt.

Hubby made the green corner shelf out of two more Restore doors:

So lets end this three hour tour with one last picture. A ship's wheel mirror that faces out into the mall:

After many days of cabinet building, washing doors, pricing items, strategizing, and dreaming......booth number two is a reality!

I'm in Cotton City in Mobile. If you're in the area, please stop by.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary To My Parents - Junque Style

My family threw a surprise anniversary party for my parents this past Saturday.
This is the happy couple on their wedding day....some 49 years ago.

We decided to throw the huge party a year early. And do you know what? It was a huge success! My parents had no clue!

Now here is where the junque comes in! Several years ago i found this huge length of vintage gingham fabric at the thrift store. It had gobs and gobs of yards for only a couple of dollars. That's Alabama speak for a ridiculous amount. Since we were serving BBQ, i thought it would be the perfect time to use the gingham. We used white table covers, a burlap runner, and then puddled a piece of the green gingham on each table. We added a cute western item to the center of each table:

Most of the centerpieces were thrifted or found at yard sales!
I used the flower arrangement from my bedroom. It matched the cake perfectly!

We had their wedding album on display on a thrifted easel:

My nephew hired a photographer so I'll have more pictures to share later!!! Until then!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Football Junque

College football season started this past weekend. Now I know that all fans are crazy about their teams....but Alabama fans are the CRAZIEST!

My nephew went to the opening Alabama game:

Did you know that Russell Stover sells team chocolates? I didn't either!

In the spirit of football season and in the spirit of finding and collecting cute and cheap items over the course of the summer, a football vignette was definitely in order at the booth:

Cute SEC mascot family portrait:

War Eagle ! :

Roll Tide ! :

I fired up Ms. Jackie's Junque sweatshop and made the pillows. Husband was stuffing pillows like crazy.

I also added my fall decorations:

I used a piece of thrifted fabric for the sides and top of the entrance to my booth:

And I flanked each side with cute scarecrows:

Mannequin all dressed for fall:

Is this the cutest purse ever?

Merry Mushroom canisters. Remember when Sears sold these? My Maw Maw's kitchen was done in Merry Mushroom. Maybe thats why I'm so fond of it! (smile):

Noah's ark:


Wizard of Oz:

Cute fall colored items:


Gratuitous big fork:

Gratuitous big spoon:


Cute light up globe:

Well, I'm about to turn out the lights on this blog post. Since I'm turning out the lights...we'll need a candle. Look at these cute tealight candle holder jars:

They look like little lanterns. Thank you for staying with me through this lengthy post.

I hope you had a wonderful labor Day!

Special shout out to nephew Josh and husband for their help.