Friday, June 11, 2010

Cottage Hill Yard Sale 2010

Last weekend I participated in a community yard sale at Cottage Hill Presbyterian Church. The church allows participants to reserve a spot (free of charge) and then simply set up on the day of the sale. There are volunteers there to assist you with locating your space. It is a great community service and there were several participants. The church is located on a busy street and has a lot of passing traffic. I participated two years ago and had CRAZY success. I worked all week getting my junk together and pricing everything. Jacob started college and had classes so he couldn't help me. So Mr. Grumpy reluctantly helped me. It's quite the undertaking to load tables and all the boxes only to unload them again, set up at the sale and then at the end of the day pack everything up and unload at home. Mr. Grumpy was a great help and, I think, although he would never admit it, enjoyed himself when he realized how stuff was literally flying off the table. It didn't hurt that he had his new birthday present to play with all morning (an iPhone).

I did UNBELIEVABLY well! I made around $325 which was incredible. I got rid of a lot of eBay duds. This is a picture of my table well into the morning after most of the good stuff was gone.

Finally, these are blooms off a hydrangea plant that I bought at a yardsale a year or so ago. Mr. Grumpy surprised me by cutting them and putting them in this cute vase that coincidentally had a perfectly matching purple ribbon.

Tomorrow I'm having a yard sale with my sister and parents. Am I crazy or what? I took my leftover items from the community sale and added some more items too! It's supposed to be in the low to mid 90s tomorrow. With the Mobile humidity it's sure to be a scorcher.