Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day - Thrift Store Style

Happy belated Valentine's Day to all of you out there in blogland. I went thrifting tonight and I was not disappointed. I found some unbelievable things. Did I buy them? Of course not. They were unbelieveable because they were SO TACKY! But to warm you up . . . Remember this little gem? The tacky valentine item that started it all? I'm happy to report that my friend still has it proudly displayed on her shelf at work:

Or what about this item that I found shortly after the clock. Remember the tacky racing heart pillow? OMG! Over the top!

The heart pillow was probably the tackiest craft that I had run across. UNTIL TODAY. So I'm strolling down the shoe aisle at ATS (America's Thrift Store) and saw these:

Oh! So you say you would like to see the whole shoe? Ok:

So um. . . yesssireeeee buddy! That is dew kissed faux roses hot glued on the black slides. They were $1.98. Bahahahahahahahahahah!

Finally, there's just something about bold, red roses on a cheap, gleming gold plastic picture frame. The best part is they had this plastic frame priced at $8.99. What the?

I'll probably find tacky valentine items in the future but this year was hard to beat!