Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tacky Heart Part Deaux

What's up with me and all the tacky heart items that I've been finding lately? This find is on the same scale as the other one.

So I'm making my usual rounds at one of our local Goodwill stores when this monster catches my eye. I pick it up and notice it's in the shape of a heart. WHAT THE! That was bad enough. Then I noticed the gaudy horse racing fabric and huge faux flower at the top center of the heart. Craft project gone WRONG!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Random Picture Time

I heart my iPhone. I find myself capturing random things. I'm going to share a couple of pictures. Let's call it the "Camera Roll Mix."

Example: A lobster tail butterfly made by a chef at our favorite Japanese restaurant. We arrived at 9:00, which was late for a weeknight meal. The chef was so gracious and served us as usual. At the end of the meal he took the time to make me a butterfly out of hubby's lobster tail. Just to make things clear, hubby is not a lobster--he had ordered lobster. Ha!

This is a picture I snapped from inside my car. I had just pulled up at my parents' house to pick up my Mama when I looked out at my Dad's barn area. This neatly stacked wood caught my eye. I couldn't help but tear up a little bit. This wood represents my Dad's constant hard work and planning. They have a wood burning heater and this wood would help keep them warm this winter. I hope I have learned from my Dad's prepared.

Finally, a quirky one, not for the faint of heart or the cholesterol challenged:

This is my Mama's ham pan. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas she bakes a ham in this very pan. The morning after Thanksgiving I was in the kitchen with her when she pointed out this image in the pan. She had put water in the pan to make cleaning it easier. It made a perfect turkey when the grease from the ham floated to the top and dispersed. Weird, huh?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Since I had Friday afternoon off due to the BIG HONKING ALABAMA SNOW STORM OF 2010, I decided to do a little baking. I used my Wilton mini heart cake pan and made some cupcakes and little heart cakes.

I whipped up a batch of buttercream icing in my trusty KitchenAid mixer and I was all set. I heart my KitchenAid mixer. I recently splurged and bought myself, at Jacob's insistence, a work bowl with a handle. What took me so long? Instead of the old political adage "A chicken in every pot," what about A KitchenAid in every kitchen?

Some of my sweets:

Little heart cakes

I lurve this platter. It is huge. I found it in Pensacola one day when I went thrifting with Diane and Ralphie. I have used this thing time and again! It's on display right now on my table.

Here it is with more pretty cupcakes:

Now boys and's random picture time! I don't believe I've ever posted a close up of this tole painted lamp. The detail is beautiful.

Just call this my faux flower Valentine vignette. Do not pay attention to the husband's foul weather parka on the chair at the end of the table. Stop looking at it. Maybe I should call it the faux flower foul weather parka Valentine vignette. Say that quick three times!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tacky Clock Valentine

I was in my favorite thrift store the other night and ran across this clock. It was necessary that I purchase this clock for two reasons. First, it was the week of Valentines. The week of love. How could I walk away and leave it on the shelf? Second, I knew that it would make the perfect Valentine gift for my friend Traci. We have the same sense of humor and I knew she would appreciate it as much as I did. And, it didn't hurt that it was .99 cents. So, when I went to work yesterday, in the middle of the snow storm, I whipped it out of the garbage bag in which I had carried it, and presented it to her. She loved it as much as I thought she would!

This has to be the most HIDEOUS clock I've ever seen. This clock has so much going on inside of it. I can't pick a favorite part. Is it the overall heart shape? Or is it the variety of fake flowers beneath the plastic protection? Or what about the tarnished plastic boy and girl plaque in the corner? This clock screams romance. NOT! Imagine some poor wife or girlfriend accepting this little gem. Tacky with a capital "T". So for .99 cents we had several good laughs.
The eighties called. They want the clock back.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow of January 2010

For most people snow is no big deal. Some people find it annoying. But, when a little snow storm hits southern Alabama--pandamonium sets in and we get giddy with excitement! There was a LOT of hype over this snow event. It snowed at our house for about an hour.

I had to go to work so I missed the heavy snow. But hubby was kind enough to take pictures and video and even made me an iddybiddy snowman.

No, it's okay, really. It only snows like once every 20 years. Really. Don't worry that you didn't give the snowman a face. Or a scarf. Or even a baby carrot nose. All joking aside, hubby was sweet to document everything for me. He's thoughtful like that.

So, by the time I get home like 3 1/2 hours later, every. single. flake. had melted.

Oh, and about my snowman.....