Monday, February 15, 2010

Random Picture Time

I heart my iPhone. I find myself capturing random things. I'm going to share a couple of pictures. Let's call it the "Camera Roll Mix."

Example: A lobster tail butterfly made by a chef at our favorite Japanese restaurant. We arrived at 9:00, which was late for a weeknight meal. The chef was so gracious and served us as usual. At the end of the meal he took the time to make me a butterfly out of hubby's lobster tail. Just to make things clear, hubby is not a lobster--he had ordered lobster. Ha!

This is a picture I snapped from inside my car. I had just pulled up at my parents' house to pick up my Mama when I looked out at my Dad's barn area. This neatly stacked wood caught my eye. I couldn't help but tear up a little bit. This wood represents my Dad's constant hard work and planning. They have a wood burning heater and this wood would help keep them warm this winter. I hope I have learned from my Dad's prepared.

Finally, a quirky one, not for the faint of heart or the cholesterol challenged:

This is my Mama's ham pan. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas she bakes a ham in this very pan. The morning after Thanksgiving I was in the kitchen with her when she pointed out this image in the pan. She had put water in the pan to make cleaning it easier. It made a perfect turkey when the grease from the ham floated to the top and dispersed. Weird, huh?