Monday, September 5, 2011

Football Junque

College football season started this past weekend. Now I know that all fans are crazy about their teams....but Alabama fans are the CRAZIEST!

My nephew went to the opening Alabama game:

Did you know that Russell Stover sells team chocolates? I didn't either!

In the spirit of football season and in the spirit of finding and collecting cute and cheap items over the course of the summer, a football vignette was definitely in order at the booth:

Cute SEC mascot family portrait:

War Eagle ! :

Roll Tide ! :

I fired up Ms. Jackie's Junque sweatshop and made the pillows. Husband was stuffing pillows like crazy.

I also added my fall decorations:

I used a piece of thrifted fabric for the sides and top of the entrance to my booth:

And I flanked each side with cute scarecrows:

Mannequin all dressed for fall:

Is this the cutest purse ever?

Merry Mushroom canisters. Remember when Sears sold these? My Maw Maw's kitchen was done in Merry Mushroom. Maybe thats why I'm so fond of it! (smile):

Noah's ark:


Wizard of Oz:

Cute fall colored items:


Gratuitous big fork:

Gratuitous big spoon:


Cute light up globe:

Well, I'm about to turn out the lights on this blog post. Since I'm turning out the lights...we'll need a candle. Look at these cute tealight candle holder jars:

They look like little lanterns. Thank you for staying with me through this lengthy post.

I hope you had a wonderful labor Day!

Special shout out to nephew Josh and husband for their help.

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EM said...

Welcome back, Jackie! (Although I am one to talk...) You can foof a booth like nobody's business. I love your update pics. Can I pay you to come up here and give my booth a dash of your magic? It's in need of a major overhaul.