Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Things Found While Out Thrifting

I've had exceptional thrifting luck the last couple of weeks! This thrills me to no end! However, I've also seen some pretty weird things too. Case in point:

One faux Snowbabies figurine? I can get past the resin part. I can get past the fact that it looks like the little angel is doing some kind of calisthenic that we would have done in elementary school. I cannot get past the purple face. I definitely found humor in the purple face. Because--that's how I look when I try to touch my toes! Ha ha ha!

One more quick picture from my iPhone camera roll. Now let me disclaim that, as a rule, I do not take pictures of people as they are driving down the road. I'm pretty sure a guy tried to snap a picture of my mini KFC chicken bucket that I carried around for several months on the top of my backseat. That is until I figured out what he was doing and as Jacob would say "jammed up" the brakes. He was real quick to throw his camera down as he tried to control his car. Ha ha. All that said, when i saw this guy I figured he was putting it out there for the world to see so he wouldn't mind if I showed you, right?

Yes, this is a man in lower Alabama riding around with a stuffed monkey on his motorcycle.

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