Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cha Ching

I did a small booth restock last weekend. When I went by yesterday to straighten up, a couple of things had sold. Now a little breakdown on how I roll...ok, how I operate Ms. Jackie's Junque:

Cute pink giraffe purse:
Paid $2.00 at yard sale
Sold $12.00 at booth.

Super cute new with tags flip flops with the cute and trendy decoration on the top:
Paid .50 cents at yard sale
Sold $10.00 at booth

Several things had sold and I was thankful. Things have been slow.

I added some Toy Story items. I've sold Woody items and they normally fly off the shelf. I hope these do the same.

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EM said...

Glad to see your post Jackie! I was a little concerned about you after some of the recent weather. Glad you're okay.