Friday, July 29, 2011

Back To School Booth

I can't believe that school will be starting in about 2 weeks! I lament this, my friends, because of the traffic. My way to work goes by one of the largest private schools in Alabama. It always makes for fun times.

Since I had all of these school related items I decided to do a school theme:

Sorry for the blurry picture--somewhere in the blur is a little school desk.

This globe lights up. It is WAY cool:

Another globe:

Cute Peanuts vignette. Those are two crisp vintage Peanuts pillowcases.

Wooden Noah's Ark playset:

Coca Cola anyone?


Cute vintage suitcases and sewing chest:

Groovy, baby!

Reproduction Little Red Riding Hood cookie jar:

Animal print central:

Cute vintage riding hat with its original box:

And finally..I leave you with the cute Amish vignette. It was on a lower shelf but it got bumped up:

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