Friday, October 12, 2007

Yard Sale 2007

We had a huge yard sale today. We got there before daylight and started setting up our tables. I thought I would die before we got all the boxes and totes unpacked! But when we were finished and ready for customers we had one nice looking sale. I used thrifted vintage sheets and a shabby chic table cloth for the table covers and it added a nice touch. Really only one "dealer" type and she didn't haggle over prices so all in all it was a wonderful day.

I really hated to let go of these lamps but I didn't have anywhere to put them and I was scared they would be broken if I just kept storing them. The "dealer" bought these....

We only really had two early birds (a senior citizen couple). They were not pushy so it was ok. I was a little worried because we were not overrun with customers from the beginning. But, we had a steady stream all day and the ones that stopped were in the mood to buy!

My back is a different story. I think it fell off and is lying on the ground somewhere. We had the sale at our church because it's on a main road and always has good traffic flow.

Today was the first day of a two day sale. I'm a little nervous because most of our "good" stuff sold today. So it may make for a long day tomorrow but we shall see.....

Here is my Mister affirming the old "boys will be boys" thing. He's playing with a Crossfire game. It later sold for $1.00 to a little boy who was thrilled to be the new owner!

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