Sunday, August 17, 2008

My First Quilt

In the next few days I hope to start my first pieced quilt top. I'm going to use an easy block, the disappearing nine patch. From what I understand you do a simple nine patch block and then cut and rearrange the blocks. I had to fight my passive/aggressive side and go ahead and prewash the fabric. I would rather just cut and sew. But, I want to try to do this by the book. So, this is what I started with:

The sweet little pink rose ticking was my inspiration for the color scheme. Since I'm such a fabric-a-holic, I already had most of the other fabric. I've never really tried to pick fabrics for a quilt so I hope this turns out ok. Believe me, I have no trouble picking out (and buying) fabric. I'm not so sure about my ability to put it together in a manner that will be appealing to the eye. I'm wondering if I shouldn't incorporate some less patterned fabric? We'll see.