Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why I Love Thrifting

On any given day of the week you can find me at one of my favorite thrift stores. Seriously, you could take medicine by my schedule. Should someone decide to stalk me it would not be hard because I'm like clockwork. America's Thrift and Goodwill on Wednesday and a different Goodwill on Thursday. I said ALL of that to say this--

This is why I go thrifting. This beautiful pedestal bowl was $2.48. What? Could I pass it up for $2.48? Not so mech!!! I wish I knew more about glass. Maybe then I could tell what kind of bowl it is. I can't wait to make a pasta salad and use it.
This piece is marked. It is Waterford Great Room in the Darjeeling pattern. It's called a chip bowl. I paid $4.88 for it. I don't know where I'll put it. Don't worry. That has never stopped me before.

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