Friday, May 1, 2009

Shabby Bathroom

I was trying to think of something about which to post and realized I've never shared my remodeled bathroom. This bathroom is tee-nine-e (southern for REALLY small). You physically can sit on the toilet, put your foot in the bathtub and have your hand in the sink all at the same time and all without too much effort. When we remodeled the bathroom it was demolished ALL the way. You could literally see the dirt below the bathroom. My sweet husband rebuilt the entire bathroom from the ground.

We went with beadboard ceiling in here too. Actually, I think this room was done first. Before the Blue Room.

We decided to keep the cast iron bathtub that was in the "old" bathroom and have it refinished. Money well spent. You cannot buy tubs like that anymore.

I love this sweet little chandelier. It was a Wal-Mart find. Inspiration can come from so many sources. It is the perfect scale for the bathroom.

The shower curtain, valance, shower rings and garbage can are Simply Shabby Chic. Perfect for this space!

I chose the soft pink for the wall color. I love this picture because the detail of the ceiling looks great against the pink paint and the crown .

I don't know if a bathroom should be this peaceful. You never want to leave. I love the way the afternoon light shines through the window. Sorry the lid is up. In the real world you have to photograph when it's clean!


Sara said...

That is one Cuute bathroom!! You did a great job of keeping the color scheme really makes certains items (chandelier) pop! :) love it!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

That is one gorgeous bathroom! I love the pink color you chose! Every detail is beautiful!