Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Barry White

We all know that Barry White is about getting your love did!
I ran across this cover while browsing the album section at America's Thrift.
Yes, that is a man's sparsely hairy chest.
Yes, that is a chain with Barry's picture in the little oval frame.
This album cover sent me into EWWWWW overload.
Why Barry? Why?
Traumitized as I was, I kept flipping through the albums.
Barry has earned redemption.
This album cover is a hot mess in a good way.
Just a couple of observations. You have Barry:
  • In his brown velveteen leisure suit and shirt with super fly collar
  • In front of a space age background that would do Star Wars proud (notice the groovy rocks -hence the album title I guess)
  • with his lady right next to him
  • with his pimp glass right at his fingertips (this is my favorite part)
I encourage to thrift as often as possible. There is no telling what you could be missing.

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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I love me some Barry White.