Thursday, April 29, 2010

You Know You Had One Of These--Dont Deny It

Maybe it was a southern thing.

Maybe it was an Alabama thing.

If you lived through the 80s, there is a good chance that you had or knew someone who had a t shirt dress. I'll admit it. I had two! They were made several ways--with a t shirt on the top and a coordinating fabric sewn on the bottom or two t shirts sewn together with a coordinating fabric band joining the two pieces. I got a little nostalgic when I saw this beauty on the Goodwill rack:

This crafter gets bonus points for the nifty appliques that bring all of the colors together and meld them into a pile of 80s goodness.

1 comment:

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I made me two of them. Wore one once and gave both away. Not me.