Thursday, April 22, 2010

Random and Bizarre Things Seen At The Thrift Store

I was in the Goodwill the other day when this caught my eye. There was this huge cabinet / desk type piece furniture that had been turned on its side, I guess from being wheeled in on the cart. On the underside of the piece was this collection of lipstick blots. Why, as my Mama would say "pray tell", would someone repeatedly kiss the underside of a piece of furniture? Bizarre! I have several theories...none of which will I mention here.

At America's Thrift I saw this faux marble kit. This is special to me because when we moved into our house some 18+ years ago, the Mr. did a fine faux marble job around our fireplace. Why would anyone want faux marble--which was essentially a lot of paint carefully swirled and applied over the top of sheetrock? I'll tell you why. It was the early 90's. That's how we rolled. For $2.98 I could have brought it back. Just sayin'.

And finally, I've stated before that I love learning new things. I also love learning of associations. Well, wrap your brain around this association. Kevin Trudeau of the "Natural Cures" book fame apparently had another As Seen On TV product: Kevin Trudeau's Mega Memory. I did not take the time to open this kit. Apparently Kevin has been an entrepremanure, um, entrepreneur for a long time!

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