Saturday, April 10, 2010

What's Been Going On With Me Lately

What's been going on with me lately? Let me see....hmm....where to begin? I have been seeing an allergist regarding my persistent rash (4 years) that no one can seem to explain. So far, the consensus is eczema. I'm allergic to something. "Something" is the mystery word. Hence, the picture below. The "x" below was the control spot for the allergy skin test. If you have a reaction on that spot they are able to tell if the test is working. It stung like a bee sting for a few minutes so I guess it worked.

Yardsale season is in full swing in southern Alabama. I was out at 6:00 a.m. this morning headed to my first stop of the day, a church yardsale. I am a yardsale junkie! It was still dark outside when I left home.

OH MY GOODNESS! It could not have been a prettier day! The Azaleas are in full bloom! It is so beautiful with the big bursts of color everywhere. The downside is they will only bloom about a week longer and then they are gone until next year.
I found several things--some to sell and some things to keep and even somethings for family. I saw two unique vases at different sales. When I saw the second one I was like.....Ok....what's going on? When I asked how much the vase was the woman running the sale asked her mom "Mom, how much for this Gladiola vase?" Mystery solved. It has a unique fan shape. It kind of resembles a seashell. I know you'd like to see a picture of it. Too bad--it's still in my car. Since it was $2.00 so I decided to take a chance on it. I'm glad I did. When I researched it when I got home I saw several in the $60 range. Mine is unmarked so it may not be as valuable but I figure IF I get ready to part with it, I'll be able to make a little profit. I also discovered that the flower is also called Gladiolus. I love learning new stuff!
The good news is that I've already listed on eBay a lot of what I bought this morning. If you'd like to see my eBay auctions you can go here: MsJackiesJunque's auctions.

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