Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Days Are Here Again

Yard sale season is back in full swing here in Southern Alabama and I love it! It didn't seem to me that there were as many yard sales this winter. We have a very mild winter so sales in even the dead of winter are not out of the question. That just wasn't the case this year.

My first big all day yard sale trip was last Saturday. I was not disappointed. My very first find was a vintage aqua metal rolling kitchen cart for .....drumroll $5.00. Yes please! I want to keep it but off to one of the booths it shall go.

Look at this cute bunny that I found at my fav thrift....America's Thrift Store.

Am I the only one that thinks that this bunny looks like MC Hammer?

Stop! Hammertime! Look at all this fabric:

Moving on... I tested my 8 cup Fire King mixing pitcher and made broccoli cornbread. It was perfect for the job.

I'm planning a BIG redo for each booth on Friday. I'll be posting pictures after that. I'm busy as a bee trying to get everything ready. Have I ever told ya'll how much I hate removing price stickers? Ugh!

Until then,
Happy Junking!

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