Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fourth of July at Cotton City

I finally showed some love to my booth at Cotton City. It was badly neglected. I pulled some red, white, and blue items for a patriotic Fourth of July vignette. Truth be told I will leave it until Labor Day.

I did a red, black, and white vignette. I found these awesome ceramic chess pieces at the thrift store.

Iron horse head hitching post cap. It weighs a ton and would definitely break your foot if it was dropped on it.

I hit the Duck Dynasty!

Cute Disney items including most of my curb finds:

Cute black and orange grouping:

Quilted bed jacket:

Vintage advertising canisters:

Summer items on the baker's rack including magnets made from a wood cutout puzzle. That was a Pinterest idea:

Tired, can't give them away strawberry items. I'm so over these things. I've had them in both booths and they.won't.sell. The teapot is McCoy but still no takers.

Hubby sprayed this shelf for me today. This orange is scrumptious. It's Rustoleum orange.

Parisian grouping:

Knickerboxer Raggedy Ann and Andy. Andy looks a little cramped in the corner.

Backside of the patriotic display:

And now the big picture:

Finally, my nephew sent me this picture. This t-shirt is so true!

Shopping with your husband is like hunting with the game warden. Funniest thing I've seen in a while!

Until next time,
Happy Junking!

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