Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Changing Of The Seasons

Life is full of changes. Not all of them are good ones. We buried my Daddy's brother Phillip today. Uncle Phillip had just celebrated his 71st birthday. My cousin, Uncle Phillip's son, preached his funeral and did a wonderful job--although I'm sure it was very hard for him. There were seven Lee children. Now there are 6. The seasons of our lives change. Time marches on and eternity gets closer and closer.

After the funeral I took advantage of the free afternoon and did a fall booth revamp! I ran out of time and didn't quite finish but I am very pleased with how it turned out! It's Alabama football time, Ya'll! I re-dressed the mannequin in an Alabama shirt and trendy denim skirt with a leather belt that has a gorgeous rhinestone buckle. Girlfriend is ready for GAME DAY!
I'm so happy with this corner! Before it seemed a little too crowded and you couldn't see everything that was for sale. After several strategic furniture moves, everything fit like a glove! Yes, that is Alabama gift wrapping paper!

Notice the cute Dorothy costume--complete with red glitter shoes!
I wish the chair would sell. That would free up a ton of floor space! The chair is now sitting behind the two white bookcases.

This is a shot of all my orange kitchen items on the baker's rack. I had the idea to change the main color scheme as the seasons change. As you can see I have plenty of orange!

I moved all the blue and white items from the baker's rack to the green shelf. I love the blue and white on the green background.

This is probably my favorite vignette. Jacob did the beautiful arrangement. I so want to keep the huge white turkey platter! It is marked "Japan" and it is sublime! It will definitely be coming home with me if it doesn't sell. So of course I gave it a hefty price so I could make sure that it comes home with me...uh....cough....make sure that it goes to a good home! The flower arrangment kind of blocks the mirror and sconce set but it is gorgeous too!
I almost forgot a very important milestone. Husband and I have been married for 20 years. Look at the beautiful flowers he gave me:

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