Saturday, September 11, 2010

You Snooze.....You Lose

Today was a very fruitful yardsaleing day. I was at my first sale before the sun came up. I found several very nice things for the booth. After the yardsales I ran in The Mission of Hope furniture store. This has become an almost weekly stop for me. Most of my shelving for the booth came from there. When I went into the store this was sitting there waiting for me.....

I fell in LOVE! It was the most scrumptious pink sofa I had ever seen! I WANTED this sofa! I sent husband a text to test the waters to see if he would go along with the purchase and before he could return a text a lady bought it! I really didn't have any where to put it. And, I already have my sunroom sofa which is very similar.......

But It is my opinion that a girl can never have too many pink sofas!

The sofa would've needed a good cleaning...and the finish on the wood was starting to chip.....and.....oh, who am I kidding? I wanted this sofa! It was only $75 for goodness sake. And it was solid as a ROCK! It is a piece that you design a room around.

Things at the booth are going very well. I've had several sales this week! These pictures show some items that were not included in the original photos I posted.

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