Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Dolly

As Jacob reminded me earlier . . . today is Dolly Parton's 65th birthday. Coincidentally -- I found this on the record rack at America's Thrift today. Dolly is beautiful in her pink pantsuit. I didn't buy it.

I did some more tweaking at the old booth.

This cute guy anchors the "cowboy" corner. I hope he sells soon!

This is another picture of the aqua shelf. I LOVE the aqua and pink combination. Pure cottage goodness! Yes, that is a Dolly biography on the second shelf down in the far left hand corner--and a Dolly CD in the right hand corner.

This is a gorgeous vintage Vanity Fair gown and robe set The gown is tiny and will not fit on the dress form so I have it just hanging on the front. It must be eye catching because the Queens have called me twice with inquiries from customers wanting to know if the dress form is for sale. Not a chance!

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