Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Picture Time

Every once in a while I flip through the random pictures I've taken with my iPhone. Well boys and girls... It's random picture time! I've held this one in reserve for a while...not because it's all that super special good....just never got a round tuit (got a round to it).....Did you know that if you venture into the scarry, man section of Wal-Mart (you know around the fishing lures and motor oil and such) you will find neat things like this:

Leopard print Duck Tape! This takes cuteness to a whole new level!If I ever have a quick fix it project, I will be buying a roll of this stuff! They have other colors and prints too, but if you know me, you know I LOVE an animal print!

To all my loyal readers, never fear, Ms. Jackie's Junque is always current and timely when reporting and linking current events to the potential treasures that could be awaiting you out there in junk land. So with all the True Grit hoopla going on right now, is there a better time to introduce this beauty to you, my loyal readers?

This was found at America's Thrift Store. The Duke. John Wayne. I couldn't tell if it was a pencil or charcoal drawing. A fitting, multi pose, multi sketch tribute to The Duke. I'm sorry. I hope you're not taking me serious. The sad thing is that when I was in the thrift the next week...you guessed it... The Duke was gone. I'm sure proudly displayed over some mantel. Bahahahahahaha.

And finally, I saved the best for last. This is a very young Ms. Jackie's Junque. Thank you Mama for the Cindy Brady side ringlets. Josh and Jacob found this picture at my parents' house. They called me howling with laughter. I think they were dumbstruck that #1 I could be that little, and #2 that I could be that cute! Hahahaha. HOWEVER, I have a touch of the peeping T*m look going on. 'Preciate all the groovy 1970's blue background above my head Mr. photographer. Could he not center me in the picture? Bahaha!

I'm digging this picture so much I think I'm going to add it to the side bar. So when you visit I'll be peeping over at you. Me and my background.


EM said...

Love the picture, Jackie! It looks almost like a mini-mug shot! :-)

Ms Jackie's Junque said...

Thanks Eddie! I agree! It definitely looks like a mini mug shot!