Saturday, March 19, 2011

Abba Temple Yardsale March 2011

Last week I participated in a huge city rummage sale. It was held at a local Shriner's center, the Abba Temple. The table rental started at $10.00 and went up to $20.00, depending on your location in the building. I rented two $10.00 tables and this worked out great for me. That's my Mama in the background.

We were allowed to set up the day before and the morning of the sale. As I was getting everything unloaded, my little neighbor (she was about 5 years old) to the right told me..."Now..this is our stuff and don't you touch it!" I assured her that I wouldn't and told her she was doing a great job. Her mother was mortified! I had to chuckle because I was thinking to myself..."Sugar, I have my own junk that I'm trying to get rid of. I don't need any of yours." Holla! But she turned out to be a good neighbor and even bought some stuff from me.

I sold so much stuff and unloaded a ton of ebay and booth duds! She those Star Trek The Next Generation Videos? Yeah. The ones I paid over $150 for at the thrift store about 10 years ago? Because I thought my husband would love them? Yeah, the ones in that picture. The ones that were $3.88 each. I was hoping against hope that I could sell them. I listed the whole lot for $25.00. We all know that the VHS tape has gone the way of the 8 track. Well, wonder of wonders, right after the sale started, a guy said will you take $20 bucks for the set? I had to show restraint and not snatch his arm off in taking his money. He actually asked me to hold them because he had to go get money. So I did and sure enough he came back for them. He also asked me if I had any Dungeons and Dragons stuff? Um--not so much buddy!
The "grab boxes" were a huge success. It was a great day and I think I cleared $235 after my table rental. I was a very good girl and only spent $9.00 on stuff! I bought 4 cookbooks for the booth. They are a very good seller for me. And for the BEST part of the day.....after the sale closed and the vendors were packing up, a man went to the microphone and said I have a mannequin for sale if anyone is interested. $5.00. As he was saying Fiv- I was making a beeline toward him. So I am the proud owner of a waist up mannequin. It has a heavy metal base and is very sturdy. It will come in handy at the booth. A mannequin, in my humble opinion, is a must have if you want to sell clothing items out of your booth. I don't like to sell too many clothes, but a couple of nice, unique pieces works well for me.


Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog (Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker), and leaving a comment! I'm soo happy to meet you-especially knowing there is at least one other person on the planet who loves A.H. Savannah!!

I have enjoyed reading through your blog too! I LOVE your booth!! I've added you to my sidebar, so I can check back often and see your finds!

Have a GREAT weekend!!! :)

EM said...

What an awesome sale for you! Glad it went well. I'm thinking on looking into a couple of sales to set up at to alleviate my booth over stock. Problem is, all my tables are tied up at my booth!

Congrats on the mannequin. I've been wanting one for a while.