Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where's Waldo?

Where is Waldo? That is a strange blog post title. I HATE to do a post without a picture! In fact, I'm not sure that I ever have. So that's where the Where's Waldo part comes in. This is a picture of my bedroom.

Can you spot the difference in this picture?

I'll tell you at the end of the post.

As I posted last week, I have been on a rigid eBay schedule. I've been listing at least 5 items each night and it has been paying off. So tonight I have to pack up all my sales. I am not looking forward to it. That is one of the things I love about my booth. I don't have to worry about the shipping part. I simply put items there and the customer carries it home with them. Voila! Ms. Jackie has to do no packing! But alas--when you sell on eBay--that is all part of it.

I also need to be pricing stuff for my big yard sale on Saturday. I've had crazy success in the past and i'm hoping for the same this year. I've come to realize junking is a vicious cycle. If it doesn't sell on eBay or at the booth it either has to be sold at a garage sale or donated to the thrift. I'm also realizing several other things about junking. At some point in the future look for a post which has my junking top 10 list or 10 things I've realized about junking.

So did you spot the difference in the picture? One lamp had a lighter colored shade. I was trying to decide which one i liked the best. I went with the one on the left, the lighter one.

I'll try to snap some pics of the sale this Saturday. No promise though--things get real hectic real quick.

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EM said...

Hope the sale went well, Jackie!