Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cottage Hill 2011

Cottage Hill 2011 was...... pretty uneventful. Did not have the crazy success I've had in past years but still made a profit and got rid of a ton of junk. Saved some of the leftovers for my next Abba Shrine sale in June, donated two storage totes of generic non-brand party supplies to Goodwill, and gave my dad a few items to take to the garage sale/flea market at the Lucedale Stock Yard.

I was so happy to get rid of that doll house! I took about a $4.00 loss on it. I paid way too much for it and as most of us junkers know most of our money is made at the buy. The best part is I didnt have to haul it back home.

I bought 3 things... two bi-fold doors that have been painted school bus yellow and this:

Why yes--that is a giant ice cream cone blow mold. I have a cute summer vignette planned for the booth. It involves ice cream so this will be perfect! I snapped the picture with the cone in my car so you can tell how huge it is (compared with my front car seat)!

So that's a recap of the big sale. I will be saleing again this weekend-- but this time as a buyer. Yipee!

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EM said...

LOVE the ice cream cone!!!