Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

I went thrifting last night. I found some good stuff. I'm the world's worst about carrying stuff around in my car so thats why I never post pictures of most of the things I actually buy. I didn't buy this but it took every ounce of self restraint I had to keep from buying it:

A mini Cotton Candy Machine! It was $9.88 which I thought was a pretty decent price. This would be perfect for a birthday party! It had the instructions too. Sweet!

Among the things i found: a Crosley radio that looks like a vintage radio. I paid more than I wanted to ($14.88) but I should easily be able to recoup my money. I'll probably put it at the booth for $40. If it doesn't sell I'm perfectly o.k. with keeping it for myself.

I also found four cute ceramic trivets that all have a Holland pictorial scene on the front. I will also put these at the booth. I already have several ceramic dutch shoes and these will look so cute paired together.

It will be a busy couple of days. I need to price stuff to take to the booth on Saturday afternoon, pack up more eBay sales, and plan my yardsale route for Saturday morning! I like it so much better when I plan my route. We'll better run for now!

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Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

How could you resist? You've got stronger will power than me! I would have bought it up--for the "kids" of course! ;)