Friday, March 25, 2011

So....I Bought This New App

So I bought this new blogging app. I'm hoping that its all it's cracked up to be...hmmmm we'll see. I guess I'm hoping it will be like a good dose of fiber and keep me regular. Ok-- sorry. That was crude.....

A few random thoughts..... I think this game caused me a serious case of tennis elbow (tendonitis). Really! I have the doctor bill and arm brace to prove it.

It's crazy addictive but it comes with a price.

I found the cutest thing ever! It was at the Goodwill Wednesday night.
Did you know they made these cute mini golf carts?

I'm jumping all over the place today. I have ramped up my eBay business! Since I pretty much took the whole year off last year i figured it was time to get rid of some junk or stop buying it and we all know that is not going to happen.

My husband is a privacy phobe. He does not want to be on the internet... as in doesn't want his face to be on the internet. So....I'm good with that. It's not that he is one of the 10 most wanted....he's just paranoid like that. So guess who is my new vintage Mad Men model?

You guessed it. Mr panic monger himself. I had to pinky swear and spit shake that I wouldnt include his face. So i didnt-- but oh how i wanted to.

If you're in the market for a vintage vacation polo this is it! I need to run. People are starting to look for me. Holla.

Btw, looking forward to an extreme saleing weekend. And then next weeked, im selling at my favorite community sale.

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