Thursday, June 30, 2011

Girl Power

When I went by to straighten the booth this afternoon I noticed that my second ice cream freezer had sold! Also sold was a very nice Corelle Coordinates canister set.
They are in the upper right hand corner of this picture.

I told you the girlie guitar was coming....and here it is. I did a grouping of girl items and decided to call it Girl Power:

That blue box lamp is so quirky but so cute! Hopefully someone will like it for the bargain basement price of $8.00. I tried to talk hubby out of his lava lamp because it would have been perfect with this vignette--but no dice. He's kind of stingy like that. He thinks his stuff is his stuff and that he shouldn't have to sell it. Hmph. The nerve! Ha ha!

Cute piano bench freshly recovered with a yummy Cyrus Clark toile. Along with the neatest sewing cabinet. Each side pulls out.

Mannequin with new clothes. She had been a little....shall we say risque since her frog skirt sold:

If this purse doesn't sell soon--imma keep it. :)

I added the flower pin.

Cute Amish shelf:

The cutest s&p set evah:

I know i say everything is the cutest...but this time I mean it! :)

Complete set of Beverly Lewis Abram's Daughters books. $1.25 total at yardsale. I think I priced the entire set $12 or $14.



Freshened up green shelf:

And finally my Summer Fun vignette. When so much of my ice cream stuff sold I decided to put some other stuff together. This is what I came up with.

OK... I love flamingos. There I said it.

Check out these glasses Jacob and I found last year:

Two packages of Flamingo glasses! Sweet and kitsch swirled together.

Some cute party lights:

I guess that's all for now. Have a great 4th of July! God bless America!

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