Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You Needed Them Worse Than I Did

I'm thinking someone with sticky fingers has been shopping at my booth. Very sticky fingers. Almost immediately after I added my red white and blue items, a little pair of overalls that I put out disappeared. So I'm thinking great! They sold! Apparently they didn't. I found the tag as I was straightening. Are you kidding me? Now get this--they were $3.00. $3.00! And-- they had to go through quite a bit of work to get to them. I had them clipped through this metal shelf.

If you look closely you can see them hanging behind the red shoes. Seriously--I would have given them to you. All you had to do was ask. Obviously you needed them worse than I did!

I don't know if you know about the Awkward Family Photos site?Nevertheless, enjoy this one on me:

Look at the bowl cut gone bad. And dude in the middle is rocking a pretty serious mullett. Gotta love the 80's.

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Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

That stinks about the person with the sticky fingers! I've had that happen in my booth too! Not fun.